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    My game is short and simple, I shoot you and I win
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    Default Platoon Wars: Blow It Up event - July 4th @ 3pm EST

    Ah, so it is almost Independence Day in the states huh?.... Imagine needing a reason to use explosives.

    The Blow **it Up Event July 4th @ 3pm EST Hosted by RogueHunter & Flames

    Itís simple. I decided it would be funny to watch limbs fly off and fire everywhere. So here is the deal. Group up, blow each other up, whoever wins gets to blow more things and people up till there is no one left.

    Loadouts can only include explosives, launchers, and moltovs. And Absolutely NO TROPHY SYSTEMS.

    What are you fighting for? That's a stupid question right now there is a competition to see which AOD platoon is the most badass, and what is more badass than explosives? Iíll also throw some 30 points per player at the winning team for the official contest.

    Its a custom game TDM Tourney. On the day of a bracket will be made, the winner takes all the glory, keeps their limbs, and those nice points for platoon wars.
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