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    Default Call of Duty Division Rules

    These rules apply to Call of Duty.
    *Note* This is how this division is handled. If you notice something wrong outside of the Call of Duty division inform the Call of Duty CO/XO so that they can take the appropriate steps.

    AOD Call of Duty Division Members have 5 responsibilities.
    • Follow the Code of Conduct
    • Follow the COD Division Rules
    • Log into TS every month to stay active
    • Be on Teamspeak when playing Call of Duty
    • Wear the AOD tags when playing Call of Duty

    • TeamSpeak: When playing Call of Duty, members MUST be on TeamSpeak.

    • Activity: All members are expected to take part in the division. We are an active gaming community. To stay active in the division, log into Teamspeak once a month. You will get a friendly non-judgmental reminder if we don't see you for 30, 60 days, and we'll remove inactive members after that. You're welcome to rejoin in the future.

    • In-Game Tags: All members are expected to wear [AOD] tags and/or be in one of the official AOD in-game regiments. Removing these tags is the equivalent of leaving the clan and will result in removal from AOD.

    • Behavior: Be respectful to those in game, this includes but is not limited to: making sure you are not interrupting game communication with voice or TS notifications during intense moments, reduction of hot-micing, and/or asking members to switch modes/games more than once.

      If a member in game says "break" this means that all non-essential callouts should stop for a few moments. This is to increase game awareness and reduce toxicity from people being able to blame fight loses on distraction.

    • Whining and Complaining: Do not constantly whine and complain. Try to stay positive and have fun. Be the player that you want to play with.

    • Cheating: Cheating, glitching, exploiting, hacking, and boosting are prohibited. Any member caught abusing hacks, unintended behavior, or intentionally breaking the game to gain an unfair advantage will be kicked or banned from AOD. Being caught cheating is the fastest way out of the clan.
      ( Call of Duty Security and Enforcement Policy )

    • Multi-Clanning: Members can be in multiple clans but cannot be in another clan that plays a game that AOD supports as a Division. Members have a choice to either leave the other clan(s) or leave AOD.

    • Name Changes: No member is to change their name on their main account unless otherwise permitted by Call of Duty Leadership. We in Call of Duty have a "same forum name, same Activision ID" rule so that we are familiar with you. Be prepared to have a valid reason to present and your request will be taken to a MSgt+. Simply changing your name "because I felt like it" will not be accepted.

    • Discord: Being a member of the AOD Discord server is not required for AOD membership, but it is highly encouraged. Discord for us has many uses and a lot of great information that enhances the member's experience in the clan. It has things such as events times and information, division updates, and important announcements.

    • Account Sharing: Account sharing is an offense that will get your account banned by Blizzard. We would like to represent fair and honest gameplay here in AOD and will abide by all terms and regulations set forth by Blizzard. As of 10/1/2018, If you are caught account sharing, it can result in demotion or removal within AOD.
      Only you are allowed to access an account registered in your name. We don't recognize the transfer of accounts between individuals. Activities performed on your account are your liability. You may not share your account or password with anyone, except if you are a parent or guardian, in which case you may permit one minor child to use your account. You may not use your account at the same time, and you are liable for activities conducted by the minor child. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and the use of your user name and password. You are responsible for all uses of your information, even if you don't authorize them. Security of your account is your responsibility.

    • Blizzard and Activision Terms of Service: If it is against Blizzard and Activision ToS, then we will not allow it in AOD.

    Blizzard ToS | Activision ToS

    Infractions of any of these rules may result in rank demotion and/or removal from AOD.
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