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    Default Welcome to Call of Duty!

    Welcome to the Call of Duty Division

    Welcome, Soldier and thank you for your interest in the Angels of Death!

    The Angels of Death – Call of Duty Division currently supports Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Cold War. We’re a gaming community that knows how to win but prefers good people over skill. Our main goal is to create a diverse, friendly, and non-toxic environment for all Angels of Death members to play the games they enjoy.

    The Call of Duty Division is home to members from all over the world with varying skill levels. No matter your time zone or experience, there is always someone online to squad up with. Everyone here is united by our love for gaming and the fun, mature, judgment-free atmosphere we have created. So, if you’re looking for a community with members that play with honor and respect then you are in the right place.

    To be eligible for membership in the Angels of Death – Call of Duty Division, you must meet and agree to the following requirements;

    • Play Call of Duty on PC
    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Contribute to the forums every month to stay active
    • Be on TeamSpeak when playing Call of Duty
    • Wear the AOD tags when playing Call of Duty

    When you are ready to join us, create a ACCOUNT, fill out an APPLICATION, and join our DISCORD SERVER.
    There you can ping a @CallofDutyOfficers in the #Recruiting Channel when you are free to get set up.

    You have taken the first steps to get recruited into our clan!
    Next, you will find that officers will be adding you via Discord and in-game to make contact. We're glad that you've taken the time to seek us out, and hope that we can get in contact with you as soon as possible!

    Below is a list of all of our officers that will attempt to contact you and help set you up within AOD.
    If you have any questions prior to the recruitment, please reach out to any of these Officers via Forums or Discord. It is strongly advised that you keep watch over your application thread.

    Division Leadership:
    Commanding Officer Sgt Tunamatic - Tunamatic#2000
    Executive Officer Sgt MrGuyBroDude - MrGuyBroDude#0001
    Executive Officer Sgt xPJF - xPJF#1000

    Platoon Leaders:
    Sgt Hydra - Hydra#5649
    Cpl BoostedSTX - BoostedSTX#8794
    Cpl Hawk570 - Hawk#2723

    Squad Leaders:
    Sgt BrettG - AOD_BrettG#8812
    LCpl DNAevolved115 - DNAevolved115#4940
    LCpl DrummyStick - DrummyStick#8970
    LCpl ReemOriginal - AOD_ReemOriginal#3185
    LCpl rushB - WhereDafaqIAm#3607

    Squad Trainers:
    Tr SquiddyCat - SquiddyCat#4102

    While you are waiting to be recruited you can review these threads.
    The Clan Rules will be explained in more detail during your recruitment.

    As soon as an Officer is able to make contact with you they will relay our TeamSpeak information and continue your induction.
    If you have any questions that arise before the recruitment you are welcome to contact a Call of Duty Officer.

    We hope to see you soon!

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