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    Default Considering joining AOD? Read this first.

    Please read all the topics in this forum, so you can understand what being an Angel of Death is all about. The following will get you started:

    As a member of clan AOD, you will be expected to obtain and set up certain programs for your computer. Additionally, there are a few requirements that you must be able to meet in order for you to remain in good standing as a member.

    1. You must have TeamSpeak and a Microphone
    TeamSpeak is a program used for voice communication with other members during a game. While playing in-game you must be on TeamSpeak.

    2. You must be able to post on our forums
    The only thing we require for mandatory activity in AOD is to post on the AOD forums at least once per month. The forums are used to notify members of meetings, clan matches, and other important information. Members who are absent from the forums for more than one month are considered inactive and will be subject to removal from AOD.

    3. You must follow AOD's Code of Conduct
    The most important requirement we have is that you must agree to follow the AOD Code of Conduct. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. We are an honorable clan and take our Code of Conduct VERY seriously. If you do become a member and are repeatedly found in violation of the Code, you WILL be removed from the clan.

    4. You must play honorably
    We do not cheat, hack, glitch, or do/use anything that would give ourselves an unfair advantage in any multiplayer environment. Join Angels of Death with these things in mind, or you will leave quickly.

    5. We foster a calm and mature environment
    Confrontation and drama are frowned upon here and in public forums. We accept people aged 18+ within this Division, but there are some members as old as 16. All members must behave maturely when here. If there is a problem with your behavior, you may be taken aside and spoken to about it. Don't take this the wrong way, your recruiter or Sergeant is trying to help you fit in here.

    6. Respect clan leadership and other officers
    AOD is not a Mil-Sim, but the ranking structure is to be respected. Ranks of Trainer and above are given for a reason, please make efforts to do as anyone with these ranks asks. If there is a problem with the request, or you feel someone is being abusive or unreasonable, step your complaint up to the next rank. Do not go right to the top with your requests/complaints. We want all our members to feel comfortable here, so your concerns will be taken seriously.

    7. AOD is a straight-up, old school clan
    We are just here to play for fun and kick some ass. We don't spy on, or troll other clans. We like to show what we are made of in-game, not by being sneaky or underhanded out of the game. If you are here to give us information on your old clan, we are not interested in other people's business. If you are here to spy on us, well, we hope that you learn how to have genuine fun one day that doesn't come at others' expense.
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