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    Default Discord Server Information

    Official Discord Link:

    Guests are welcome in the AOD discord. In order to see the public areas of the discord, friends of AOD must register on the forums.

    General Rules:
    1. The Code of Conduct applies to all member conduct in Discord.
    2. Discord is NOT a replacement for TeamSpeak. Primary voice comms will remain in our TeamSpeak server. Note: AOD's Discord will not maintain any permanent voice channels.
    3. Discord is NOT a replacement for the Forums. Long lived/permanent information should always be posted and discussed in the forums. Division lists, raid/party information, strategy discussions, etc. must remain on the forums.

    While not an explicit rule, don't be annoying with emojis or other functionality in Discord. We have generally been permissive with functionality, but will gladly take away the fun for everyone if it is abused by a few.

    Please know that our Discord server is a work in progress. Over time, abilities and permissions will be added or removed as needed to manage things. If you have suggestions for improvements or requests for functionality, please go to the Suggestion Box forum. Two caveats:
    • Voice comms are not up for debate.
    • External bots in general are very unlikely to be added. However, game bots, gif bots, or other bots not intended to help manage things will not be considered.

    How to Connect:
    1. Go to the clan settings of your Forum Profile and add your Discord username and identifier in the format username#nnnn. Please note, usernames are case sensitive and the number must be exact.
    2. Connect to the Discord server using the official link. If you've configured your profile correctly, you will be greeted by the AOD bot and given member permissions in the Discord server. Be aware that the AOD bot will set your server nickname to match your name on the forums. You will not have the ability to change your nickname.

    If you didn't configure your name correctly the first time, you can update your forum profile and either wait 15 minutes or leave and rejoin the Discord server.

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