XDefiant Division

Welcome, Soldier, and thank you for your interest in the Angels of Death XDefiant Division!

We’re a gaming community that knows how to win but prefers good people over skill. Our goal is to create a diverse, friendly, and non-toxic environment for all Angels of Death members to play the games they enjoy. We communicate, we play clean, and we play as a team.

The XDefiant Division is home to members from all over the world with varying skill levels. We are united by our love for gaming and the fun, mature, judgment-free atmosphere we have created. If you’re looking for a community with members that play with honor and respect, you're in the right place.

Events & Badges

The XDefiant Division Will host weekly events for all members. The Officer Team makes it our priority to keep the members engaged with custom events and challenges.

  • Pub Nights - Normally on a monthly basis
  • Assorted Weekly Events
  • Poker & Skribbl.io Game Nights
  • Custom Games, Tournaments, and tons more!

There are also AOD Exclusive Forum Badges and Awards that any member can earn through special events, in-game challenges, and tournaments.

  • Phantom core Soldier (Lvl 200)
  • Guns of glory (Gun Camo Challenges)
  • Wildland hunters (Participation in Quarterly Events)
  • Project Titan (Winning Quarterly Events)
  • Master of the Shadows (Being the best officer)

Apply to division

To be eligible for membership in the Angels of Death – XDefiant Division, you must meet and agree to the following requirements.

  • Be on Discord when playing XDefiant
  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • Be on Discord at least once monthly to stay active.
  • Wear AOD tags when playing XDefiant (Change name to AOD_ on Uplay).

1. Create Account 2. Apply for division