World of Warships Division

Welcome to the World of Warships Division of AOD where we unleash hellfire and furious steel on the seas then bathe in the salty tears of those we vanquish. Whether it’s as the bulwark of the fleet in battleships, the offensive and defensive backbone in cruisers or engaging the enemy at close range in lightning-fast strikes with destroyers, AOD aims to provide its members with a sustained and engaging naval combat experience. We’re looking for Captains interested in just sinking boats, Operations, Naval Battles, Clan Battles and other in-game events sponsored by Wargaming and the World of Warships community at large. Inexperienced, current and returning players are all equally welcome. We value the individual, not individual skill.

Ports, Events & Badges

Our five (5) NA ports and two (2) EU ports actively participate in Clan Battles. Last season we had three teams finish in the Storm Division, Group II and III respectively. We also hold our own weekly, bi-weekly and monthly events ranging from Operation Nights to scrims against other WoWS Clans. Bragging rights and torpedo beats for everyone. And if you’re a collector or a completionist, we’ve badges galore you can earn that’ll make your forum profile shine.

Our goal is to make sure no one plays alone. Need a hand grinding out a new line? We got you. Need a friend to help you with that Tier X you want? Again, we got you. Want someone to rage along with you about CV players? Yep, we got you there too. In fact, we encourage anyone and everyone we find playing alone to Division up with other members. No one wins a team game all by themselves nor should they. In AOD its about the community and we’d like for you to be a part of it.

Apply to division

If you’re reading this you’re halfway there. If you can meet the criteria below you’re at 80%.

  • Participate socially on our forums
  • Be a mature 16+ years of age
  • Have a functioning microphone
  • Active in WoWS at least once every 30 days

1. Create Account 2. Apply for division