Skull and Bones Division

It is the Golden Age of Piracy in the Angels of Death, Skull and Bones Division.

From the Coast of Africa to the lush, tropical islands of the East Indies, the world of Skull and Bones is a treasure trove to explore.Through your journey, you will face many dangers - from unpredictable weather, and dangerous rogue waves, to deadly wildlife and cutthroat pirate hunters.Everything and everyone wants you dead.Renegade captains command the most powerful weapons on Earth: warships.To go from underdog to pirate king, you must master sailing and naval combat while building powerful alliances no one can take down.


  • Test your pirate skills by competing against both powerful factions and rival players for the riches of the Indian Ocean.
  • It’s your choice: hunt solo as a lone wolf, or team up with a pirate gang and dominate across different game modes.


  • Become the ultimate pirate with Skull & Bones' RPG-like progression system. Choose the ship best suited to your playstyle & upgrade it, using the loot you have plundered. Make the best choices for your equipment, weapons & crew.
  • Harness the innovative wind system to combat your way with a wide number of tactical options at your disposal.


  • As you venture forth, you’ll discover the Indian Ocean is never tranquil and that the PvPvE-shared world of Skull & Bones is systemic and ever-evolving.
  • Fortunes will give insight into changes in Weather, Conflict, and even upcoming Cataclysms.

Once you are a member of the Skull and Bones Division you are welcome to explore a thrilling, shared-world filled with danger and opportunity where you'll increase your Infamy alongside friends as you group up and plunder the seas in true fleet style. There will be endless opportunities to fight, and forage among the trade routes, small islands, and sea beasts you encounter, the choices are all yours.

The Seas are a treacherous journey for anyone sailing where everyone else is hell-bent on your destruction, what will you do to survive? Band together with fellow clanmates to plunder, fortify, and grow your fleet and infamy, or continue on as a lone pirate?


Servers and Events

The division is currently found on a NA East Server.

Our community events range from scheduled Naval Battles, to impromptu fun; including both the regular game modes and those we’ve engineered ourselves. We’re always looking for new and fun ways to keep things interesting. As we progress in the game we will host end game content and large-scale bracket competitions.

Apply to Division

In order to be eligible for membership in the Skull and Bones division, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a Microphone and be in TeamSpeak whenever you are playing
  • Be active and engaged to maintain your membership
  • Have a Discord account and join our Discord server
  • Be a fan of extreme meme activity in Discord
  • No seriously, we have Gif wars...often.
  • Pants are optional

1. Create Account 2. Apply for division