Final Fantasy XIV Division

At AOD, your legacy can last for years ...

Hello and welcome to our home on the Crystal Data Center and the Brynhildr Server! We are looking for new, returning and veteran players alike interested in a casual and friendly community. We strive to help each other run dungeons, raids, trials, mount / minion farms, map hunts, chocobo racing, SE events and our own AOD Free Company social events. Honestly and and all content from ARR through current end-game is on the table. We even have members who run Savage and beyond content if you're interested in learning or looking for a few friends to run end-game with. Established in 2021, we have intentionally cultivated a community focused on less drama and more gaming. Here your relationships and investments within the community truly matter. And while victory is important to us all, we value the individual first - not individual skill. There are no minimum item level (ilvl) , job level (jlvl) or parse requirements - everyone is welcome.

FC Events & Badges

Our FC runs all content from ARR through to anything and everything current. We actively participate in Square-Enix sponsored events and organize our own weekly and bi-weekly social events like mount and crafting farms. And if you're a collector or a completionist, we've badges galore you can earn that'll make your forum profile shine to go along with all those minions, mounts and that glorious end-game glamour.

Our goal is to make sure no one plays alone. Need a hand grinding out a new job? We got you. Need a friend to help you with that Fate you want to clear? Again, we got you. Want someone to rage along with you about new raid mechanics? Yep, we got you there too. In fact, we encourage anyone and everyone we find playing alone to party up with our other members. No one beats a dungeon all by themselves nor should they. In AOD its about the community and we'd like for you to be a part of it.

Apply to division

If you're reading this you're halfway there. If you can meet the criteria below you're at 80%.

  • Be a mature 18+ years of age
  • Willing to use voice comms
  • Participate socially on our forums
  • Be active in FFXIV once every 30 days

We've no silly requirements like item level, job level or parses. Yeah, you read that right. All we're interested in is YOU.

The only thing left now is to click the 'Apply' button below. Well, what're you waiting for, Warrior of Light? Hydaelyn?

1. Create Account 2. Apply for division