Destiny 2 Division

Eyes up, Guardians! The Angels of Death are looking for new faces to join the ranks of the Destiny 2 Division.

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Humanity needs guardians

Destiny 2 offers an abundance of in-game activities for players to be a part of, and as a community we are committed to providing the sort of matchmaking environment that you just won’t find anywhere else. Every week, our members come on to link up, create fire-teams, and dive in. Want to experience all the content Destiny 2 has to offer? Our Raid Leaders are standing by to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way as you plunge into any raid or dungeon.. In the mood for PVP? Jump into a fireteam of two or more other AOD members and enjoy the benefits of communication, coordination, and precision.

Weekly Events and Milestones

Come together on Tuesday Resets to hear the latest news on the goings-on of the division, as well as the newest promotions. It’s also a great chance to take advantage of the folks who are online to push that raid you’ve been meaning to get in on. And for every other day of the week, we provide a “Find a Fireteam” forum for those that want to coordinate events further in advance.

On any given day, you can expect the following to be occurring:

  • Gambit
  • Weekly Clan XP reward
  • Nightfall strike
  • Grand Master Nightfall
  • Endgame raids
  • Trials of Osiris

Apply to division

To be eligible for membership in the AOD Destiny 2 Division, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be on Teamspeak whenever you are ingame
  • Wear AOD tags while you are ingame
  • Abide by our Code of Conduct (Don't be toxic)
  • Contribute to the forums once a month to maintain activity
  • Clan AOD is a PC-exclusive gaming community

1. Create Account 2. Apply for division