Call of Duty Division

Welcome, Soldier, and thank you for your interest in the Angels of Death Call of Duty Division!

The Angels of Death – Call of Duty Division officially supports Warzone 2, Modern Warfare 2, and will support the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. Our members are spread out over multiple game modes. We have members actively playing battle royale, DMZ, and multiplayer. And while we do not officially support older titles we often have members go back and experience older content (especially when it comes to zombies).

We’re a gaming community that knows how to win but prefers good people over skill. Our goal is to create a diverse, friendly, and non-toxic environment for all Angels of Death members to play the games they enjoy. We communicate, we play clean, and we play as a team.

The Call of Duty Division is home to members from all over the world with varying skill levels. We are united by our love for gaming and the fun, mature, judgment-free atmosphere we have created. If you’re looking for a community with members that play with honor and respect, you're in the right place.

Events & Badges

The Call of Duty Division hosts weekly events for all clan supported Call of Duty games as well as many others. The Officer Team makes it our priority to keep the members engaged with custom events and challenges.

  • Pub Nights - Normally on a monthly basis
  • Warzone Kill-a-Thon & Plunder-Thon Events
  • Assorted Weekly Events
  • Poker & Game Nights
  • Custom Games, Tournaments, and tons more!

Apply to division

To be eligible for membership in the Angels of Death – Call of Duty Division, you must meet and agree to the following requirements.

  • Play Call of Duty (preferably on PC, just makes connecting to Discord easier)
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be on Discord when playing Call of Duty.
  • Be on Discord at least once monthly to stay active.
  • Wear the AOD tags when playing Call of Duty.

1. Create Account 2. Apply for division